C Program Structure :

/* Comments */

Comments are a way of explaining what makes a program. Comments are ignored by the compiler and used by others to understand the code.


C language has a collection of functions that can be used in a program with required number of arguments written in parentheses. it is to be noted that arguments are nothing but constants/variables/expression. Input/Output functions are also included in the user program by using the header file <stdio.h> which stands for standard input-output header.


The main() is the main function where program execution begins. Every C program must contain only one main function.
Note : int/void main() int/void is a return value, which will be explained in a while.

Formated INPUT / OUTPUT Functions :

scanf() : function is used to read input values of variables using the standard input device.
printf() : function is used to print display value of variables using the standard output device.

First C Program :

  1. /* Author: techbaz.org
  2. Date: 2018-10-27
  3. Description: "My First Program!" on the screen */
  4. #include<stdio.h>
  5. main()
  6. {
  7. printf("My First Program");
  8. }

Output :

my first c language program

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