Python Custom Exceptions

Custom Exception Handling in Python.

Python - Custom Exceptions:

Custom exceptions in Python allow you to define your own exception classes to represent specific error conditions in your application. Defining custom exceptions can help make your code more readable, maintainable, and expressive. Here's how you can create custom exceptions:

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class CustomError(Exception):
    """Base class for custom exceptions."""


class MyCustomError(CustomError):
    """Exception raised for specific custom errors."""

    def __init__(self, message):
        self.message = message

# Example of raising a custom exception
def check_value(value):
    if value < 0:
        raise MyCustomError("Value cannot be negative")

    check_value(-5)  # Change value
except MyCustomError as e:
    print("Custom exception caught:", e.message)
Custom exception caught: Value cannot be negative

Note: Custom exceptions can provide more context-specific information about errors occurring in your application, making it easier to debug and understand the code.

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