C# While

Learn 'while' loop in C#.

While Loop

A "while" loop is used to repeatedly execute a block of code as long as a specified condition is 'true'. The basic syntax of a while loop is as follows:

while (condition)
    // Code to be executed as long as the condition is true

Here's a simple example that demonstrates the use of a 'while' loop to print numbers from 1 to 5:

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using System;

class Program
    static void Main()
        int[] numbers = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 };

        foreach (var number in numbers)


The 'while' loop continues to execute the block of code as long as the condition 'i <= 5' is true. Inside the loop, 'Console.WriteLine(i)' prints the current value of 'i', and 'i++' increments the value of 'i' by 1 in each iteration.


Note: It's crucial to ensure that the condition eventually becomes false to prevent an infinite loop. In the example above, the loop will terminate when 'i' becomes greater than 5.

while (1) {...}

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