Krishnamurthy Number


Write a code to find a Krishnamurthy/Strong number:

A Krishnamurthy number (also known as a strong number or special number) is a number whose sum of the factorial of its digits is equal to the number itself. Here's a JavaScript function to check if a given number is a Krishnamurthy number:

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function isKrishnamurthy(number) {
    // Function to calculate the factorial of a number
    function factorial(n) {
        if (n === 0 || n === 1)
            return 1;
            return n * factorial(n - 1);

    let sum = 0;
    let originalNumber = number;

    // Calculate the sum of the factorial of digits
    while (number > 0) {
        let digit = number % 10;
        sum += factorial(digit);
        number = Math.floor(number / 10);

    // Check if the sum equals the original number
    return sum === originalNumber;

// Example usage
let num = 145;
if (isKrishnamurthy(num))
    console.log(num + " is a Krishnamurthy number.");
    console.log(num + " is not a Krishnamurthy number.");
145 is a Krishnamurthy number.


You can replace 'num' with any number you want to check for Krishnamurthy property. If the number is a Krishnamurthy number, it will print "is a Krishnamurthy number." Otherwise, it will print "is not a Krishnamurthy number."

In-depth concepts of Krishnamurthy number from the algorithm page.

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